About Us

Carramea's origins

Carramea was originally set up as CARRAMEA, the Consortium of Anti-Racist, Refugee and Minority-Ethnic Associations, in 2000 by 5 organisations – the Afghan Association of London, Harrow Anti-Racist Alliance, Harrow African / Caribbean Association, Harrow Iranian Community Association and the Indian Association of Harrow.

The consortium grew to 17 organisations which transformed the consortium into a charitable company called Carramea in 2012.

The Founding Members were the: Association of Senior Muslim Citizens, East African Welfare & Development Concern, Harrow Anti-Racist Alliance, Harrow Bengalee Association, Harrow Iranian Community Association, Harrow Kuwaiti Community Association, Harrow Over 50s, Harrow Tamil Association, Indian Association of Harrow,  IWANAAJI Somali Disabled Association, Pakistan Society of Harrow, Precisa de Falar, Russian Immigrants Association, Somali Cultural & Educational Association, Tamil Community Centre.

Carramea’s trustees

Carramea has 5 trustees who are from 5 diverse ethnic backgrounds and have expertise in Accounts, Education, Community Organising, Property Management and Public Services.

Carramea’s objects

  1. To advance the education of the public in Harrow by providing a range of training courses; and
  2.  to promote the voluntary sector for the benefit of the public in Harrow by:
    1. the provision and maintenance of a resource centre to be used by the voluntary sector, including the provision of office, IT and meeting facilities; and
    2. facilitating partnership and co-operation in the voluntary sector;

 with a view to promoting social cohesion amongst the public in Harrow.

Carramea’s Mission Statement

Through partnership working, Carramea aims to strengthen and unite the community by providing advice, counselling, cultural, educational and training activities for members of the public, and office and meeting facilities for the voluntary sector.

Carramea’s activities

Carramea operates as a 2nd tier organisation, providing support and office and meeting facilities to the 20+ organisations registered at its Carramea Community Resource Centre (CCRC).

Carramea also operates as a 3rd tier organisation, providing training directly to the volunteers and beneficiaries of the registered organisations at the CCRC and to the general public.

Carramea operates the Carramea Community Resource Centre (CCRC) which provides services 7 days a week from 9.30am – 9.30pm (5.30pm on Sunday)