Government support for Carramea during the Coronavirus pandemic

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Following Government guidelines to safeguard members of the public, members and workers of our registered CCRC (Carramea Community Resource Centre) community organisations, and our own Carramea volunteers, we have sadly had to keep our Centre closed for the last 8 months since the end of March.

In July we started planning provisionally to re-open the Centre in September or October but the resurgence of Coronavirus infections halted that aspiration.

Fortunately, with the help of a Government Coronavirus Community Support Fund grant, distributed by The National Lottery Community Fund, Carramea has been able to survive the last 10 months.

Although the Centre has been closed, we have still had outgoings which had to be paid without the benefit of any of our normal daily revenue which we rely on to sustain our Centre. The Government grant filled this gap.

During lockdown, it has been a very busy period for us, working with Harrow Council and suppliers to make arrangements to get through this very difficult time financially, working remotely to keep Carramea functioning properly, as well as doing our best to support and keep information flowing to the organisations registered at our Centre, to service-users and our volunteers.

Part of the grant has been used to enhance our use of digital technology, including this new website, to be able to communicate more effectively and compensate as much as possible for not being able to meet face to face with the 100 or so volunteers and service-users that visit the Centre every day in normal times.

We have been missing you all and the wonderful cohesive community spirit you created every day at the Centre!!!

Together, though, we’ll get through this and build an even better Centre after the country’s scientists and NHS beat back Coronavirus to the extent that it will be safe to re-open the Centre.

In the meantime,

Stay Safe!